Mac: Lazy Day lipstick

Lazy Day lipstick from the collection of MAC to the Beach.

Lazy day is a Lustre finished lipstick described as a light dirty blue pink by mac.
I personally think that this lipstick is a cool toned lippy, It is indeed a gorgeous pink lipstick though it's too sheer on me, I don't know why,
It  doesn't show up onto my lips, maybe because my lips is very pigmented. However, I tried experimenting this lippy, I mixed up
OCC Hush and this one, and It gave me a nudey pink lippy which I loved  to bits! I also like the packaging looks cute though.
I'm looking forward to get Jazzed lipstick and on the scene lipgloss from MAC Collection in the groove. (I believe it's already oos @ Mac online but,  I'm hoping MAC Philippines still have this stock. or else, I'm dead!)
That's all for tonight! Goodnight Beauties!

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