Review: Cargo Topeka

This is my very first Cargo blush. I chose topeka mainly because it's very wearble for everyday. Cargo Topeka' s color is  brownish-pink in pan, but when I apply it directly to my cheeks it's soft pink.. texture wise, it's very smooth, there's a hint of shimmer but not that visible. Cargo blushes retails for $26, I'm not complaining for the price, In my opinion it's very worth it, because the pan is so huge and I think this will last me like forever. Lol .Honestly, this blush is very comparable to nars blushes, they have the same pigmentation and for the staying power, they are almost the same. Both lasted me for like 5-7 hours..
The only thing that I don't like with this, is the packaging, I find it very cheap looking, but it's okay, I can stand it. I can say that I'm in love with this blush. It's definitely worth buying. And I'm looking forward to try other blushes like catalina or tonga

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