Nars Sertao + yummy japanese chocos

My take:
Nars Setao is my only neutral blush. For me, this is kind of highlighter blush, this is great when you use it as highlighter
it gives that subtle glow. I'm still debating if I like this. I'm still having a love-hate relationship towards this, but hopefully
I get to utilize this more because I don't want this to seat on my makeup traincase. I'm thinking to use this alone like as a blush.
I wonder what kind of finish will give effect on me. :) hehhehe. Anyway, my mum (mother-in-law) just got back from japan and she handed to me this chocolates.
I'm so touched. hehehe she's really kind to me. and oh, she mentioned she bought me also some makeup and hoodies and skirt
oh, can't wait for the packages to arrive..

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